What is the Best Engagement Ring You Could Get for Your Girlfriend?

Engagement celebrations, no matter how simple or extravagant they are, begins with the simple decision of wanting to choose the ring. However, the easy part ends there. Choosing what type of engagement ring to get is a challenging task. 

There are a lot of factors to consider even before you start to browse for your prospects. You need to decide on the following aspects:

  • Gemstone – size, color, and shape
  • Band or Shank – metal type and color 
  • The overall design of the ring

To decide for each category, you need to rack your brain to get a ring that suits your girlfriend’s taste perfectly and getet her an engagement ring that she’ll never get tired of looking at! 

If you’re still starting out on your ring-hunting journey, we can give you a jumpstart. Here’s a list of the best, most ideal engagement rings that you could get your girlfriend. 

  1. Solitaire Engagement Rings

Go for a classic and timeless look with solitaire engagement rings. Solitaire jewelry pertains to any piece of jewelry that has a single gemstone. The most common iteration of this is, of course, a diamond solitaire ring. 

A solitaire diamond ring often has a simple band and a large diamond set in the middle, often held by prongs. It’s a classic no-nonsense choice for an engagement ring. 

This type of ring best fits women who love classic and dainty jewelry, especially those who want their jewelry to speak for themselves. Indeed, choosing solitaire diamond engagement rings doesn’t need any substantial rhyme or reason. 

  1. Tension Engagement Rings

Tension rings are another look of solitaire engagement rings. Usually, prongs hold up the diamond or any gemstone of your choice. But for tension rings, it is held in place by the pressure between the meeting of the bands. 

This type of setting results in distinct designs that are loved by women who want to stray a bit away from classic looks. The gems appear to be suspended in mid-air because of this setting technique. When worn, it seems like the diamonds are properly set on your girlfriend’s finger rather than on the ring. 

  1. Side Stone Engagement Rings

Mixing and matching in fashion has always been a huge hit. It comes as no surprise that it made its way to jewelry making as well. 

Side stone rings are an example of jewelry mix and match. One ring will have 3 gems, one in the middle and 2 others that flank each side. The main purpose of the additional gems is to bring more attention to the main gem in the middle. Also, choosing the ideal side gems make the engagement ring much more beautiful. 

It can also make the ring more meaningful if you choose additional gems that mean something to you and your future bride. Your birthstone or hers is a good choice. If you already have a child together, you can also use their birthstone as the side gems to signify the life that you’d have together as a family. 

This is the great thing about this type of engagement ring, you can customize it to best fit your relationship.

  1. Engagement Rings With Mixed Cut Gems

Similar to side stone rings, mixed-cut engagement rings boast more than one gemstone. You can also mix and match gems for this type of ring. A brave step-up from the usual side stone one is that the difference in cuts is encouraged and often looked forward to. 

The most common combination of mixed cuts are the following:

  • Marquise and Pear cuts 
  • Round and Baguette cuts 
  • Marquise, Princess, and Round cuts 

Albeit these combinations are the most common ones in the market today. You can definitely choose the cuts that you think will be loved the most by your girlfriend. 

This type of engagement ring is perfect if your girlfriend is one who cannot be defined by a single stone. Those who have large and vibrant personalities deserve rings with gemstones that can best represent the multiple facets of their identity. 

  1. Engagement Rings With Twisted Bands

Your girlfriend may not be a fan of wearing showstopping diamonds or large gemstones. In this case, you might want to consider engagement rings with twisted bands. 

The twisted bands give off a more subtle design to the ring as opposed to having a solitaire diamond in the middle. It can be quite unassuming, but it still gives off a meaningful sentiment. Twisted bands result from weaving two equal bands. Because of the twist, the design often results in an infinity symbol. 

The infinity symbol of the band can represent your loyalty and dedication toward your girlfriend. A charming ring with an even more beautiful symbolism. That’s totally a win in anyone’s book. 

  1. Pavé Engagement Rings

Pavé rings are the ultimate straight-out-of-romance-books engagement rings. This type of ring traditionally has onesole gem in the middle and smaller gems line the band. The end result looks like a sparkly cobblestone or paved road, which is the translation of the French term, “pavé”.

The pavé setting of the rings on the band adds brilliance to the engagement ring. Despite that, this type of ring is actually more affordable than the others on this list. This is mainly because the gems on the band are not actually authentic. However, they do mimic the features of real diamonds or any type of gem that you wish to use. 

  1. Vintage Engagement Rings

Lastly, we have vintage engagement rings. The heirloom rings that were passed down from one generation to another which signifies love in different forms: romantic, companionship, and filial. 

Vintage engagement rings are sought after because of their aged look and significance. Some rings may not have styles that are deemed to be contemporary, but the significance of their years-long design overpowers any modern design. 

But, if you don’t have any heirloom rings, there are jewelry companies today that design and sell vintage engagement rings. They often come with modern twists but the overall feel and design of the ring scream vintage. 

Choose the Best Engagement Ring

Your engagement will be one of the most memorable moments in your life, even more so for your girlfriend. She’ll be wearing the symbol of your love and commitment every day, so make sure to choose the best engagement ring that you can provide. 

We’ve provided you with a list of different engagement ring styles. It’s up to you to evaluate which among these suits your taste the most. Good luck! 

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