What Are Logo Shapes And Their Importance?


The shapes that are employed to create a logo tell volumes about its meaning and go a far toward establishing a relationship with the people by tapping into their psychology and feelings in a way that ties them to the business. Each form has the potential to magnify an overall meaning to the observer since, according to studies, the brain sees them all individually. Therefore, despite the fact that you may believe the logo shapes you’ve used in your logo design are just for aesthetic purposes, they actually impact how potential brand lovers perceive and understand your logo. In this article, we’ll examine the well-known shapes that are used in logo design, their associated meanings, and how their pairings affect the audience that is being targeted.

 Describe a logo.

The word “logo” is a graphic sign used to enhance public recognition that has its origins in the Greek word “logos.” Logos have come a long way, from historical seals as well as coin inscriptions to more modern minimalist and abstract designs. Diverse logo designs have multiple interpretations and come in a variety of colors and shapes. Depending on the message a label wants to convey, a logo may be formal or artistic, classical or modern, etc.

 Importance of logo

A logo is a crucial part of a brand. Unspoken statements are communicated that help brands build their brand identity. Developing brand recognition and personality is greatly aided by logos. For a brand, logos can accomplish the following:

 – Grab viewers

 – Leave a good impression

 – Form a component of brand identification

 – Promote the brand image

 – Promote brand loyalty

Main Designs of the logo

Circle logos

A common choice for logos is a circle because there are no corners or points. Because they are rounded and spherical, circles naturally differ from the majority of other shapes. Circles can represent stability, consistency, and security in addition to being connected with femininity. This category also includes logos with oval shapes and circles combined with other shapes. Numerous circles frequently stand for continuity, infinity, and the concepts of love, support, and cooperation. This is best illustrated by the Olympic emblem, which features overlapping rings.

 Triangle and square logos

The existence of corners differentiates angular shapes from soft shapes as a defining characteristic. By definition, corners are sharp and abrupt. What might that possibly signify for your company? accuracy, sturdiness, and dependability. In the aforementioned examples, square and triangular are employed to symbolize professionalism for lawyers and marketing consultants, controllability for a company that sells home furnishings, and maturity and intellect in an individual’s logo. Additionally, square and triangular logos are by nature more “edgy” than circular. Triangles are utilized in the aforementioned instances to depict an alternate style of living for a responsible textile business and to provide a saloon with a badass appearance.

 Horizontal and vertical lines

Vertical and Horizontal lines have been employed to communicate different themes in everything from prehistoric cave art to contemporary company logos. Vertical lines represent strength with a solid foundation. Additionally, vertical lines denote supremacy over the others. The brain can be calmed by horizontal lines. It also stands for patience and communication. Companies that seek to portray the movement as well as intent favor horizontal lines.

 Geometric abstract logos

To produce an original, distinctive design, abstract forms might combine several logo shapes. They create distinctive, contemporary, and immediately recognizable brands. They can express a multitude of interpretations and emotions, providing marketers complete control over the information they want to portray.

Starbucks’ brand logo employs a siren inside a circle etched out in blank space to evoke mystery and a fiercely unique abstract graphic form. Brands that want to distinguish out upset a sector, or enter a completely new niche should use abstract shapes.

Forms of cultural logos

In addition to the fundamental forms, there are numerous other shapes that have particular cultural connotations, such as crosses, hearts, as well as ribbons. Health was symbolized by a cross in the previous illustration. Crosses are frequently used in religious logos as well.

The fact that the heart is a prevalent form in matchmaking applications shouldn’t be shocking. Hearts can be utilized for everything that appeals to your emotions or empathy, such as wildlife rescue organizations, soup kitchens, or non-profits.

How to make the most of logo shape’s potential

1. Recognize the psychology of shape.

Any professional in logo design will grit their teeth at a few certain “clip art” type aesthetic clichés. At all costs, stay away from the common offenders like using lightbulbs to symbolize “ideas” or globes to symbolize “international.”

But beyond the apparent, form psychology goes a long way. The yellow triangles, red squares, and blue circles are frequently used as symbols of the enormously famous Bauhaus School of Design. Wassily Kandinsky created them as evidence for his theory that geometry and colors can cross language and cultural boundaries.

According to Kandinsky, earthy, visceral red pairs well with a square, cold, spiritual blue is an excellent addition to a circle, and brilliant, zingy yellow pairs well with the geometric crispness of a triangle. Later on, we’ll go into color theory in greater detail.

2. Put shape psychology to use.

Make a list of the qualities and values the customer wants their logo to represent before you begin developing it. (It is one of the causes you should know as much as you can about your clients and their company.) Request that your customer creates a list of their company principles or carefully review their mission statement. You can consider how to link this up not only logo forms and also colors and fonts after you have a sense of the text the logo has to convey.

Use the combination of these three factors to your advantage. For instance, if you choose a powerful shape but feel it is too masculine, add a color or colors to soften the effect.

3. Get back to the basics

The greatest example of logo shapes always follows a few guiding principles. The first, and possibly most crucial, is simplicity. Put some thought into your idea, but don’t complicate it or embellish something just for the purpose of it. You desire size and application flexibility as well as simplicity of recognition. Do you think it will still be effective if it is used in a tiny font in the website footer as opposed to being splashed on the outside of a building?

By gradually removing components until you reach your concept’s most basic form, you may assess how simple it is.


The principles of logo forms are very important to the process of creating a logo. They have a method of eliciting an individual ’s perceptions and emotion about the finished product that typically comes from the brain.

 Therefore, logo forms can also affect how a logo is perceived and understood, in contrast to logo typefaces and colors. Establish the intended audience and message before moving on with the design. With this knowledge, you may determine which forms can effectively convey this statement and the optimal combinations to employ without detracting from the brand’s positive attributes.

 With these in place, you are poised to choose superior options for your logo form, which will eventually change the way your branding is perceived.

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