Top 5 Movie Download Sites in India

TamilMV is a highly-recommended movie downloading website with an expansive library and high-resolution videos, making it an excellent solution for those with slow internet connections.

Piracy websites like TamilMV violate copyright laws and can damage movie studio revenue streams, so it is vital that legal solutions be explored as soon as possible in order to support content creators’ creative work and facilitate its release onto the market.

Torrent site

TamilMV Proxy is an established torrent website offering users an array of movies and other entertainment content in various quality levels and resolutions to download directly onto devices or internet connections that best suit them.

Piracy websites like TamilMV often face legal actions from copyright holders and law enforcement agencies, leading to domain seizures that ultimately lead to site modifications. Monitoring tech and entertainment news websites may prove useful; such sources often report changes quickly.

TamilMV and other piracy sites provide access to an expansive library of movies, but can present legal and ethical risks. Protect your online security when visiting these websites by using a VPN beforehand.

Mirror sites

TamilMV is an increasingly popular website offering pirated movies and content, but is often blocked in certain regions due to copyright laws. You can still gain access to TamilMV by using a VPN service; they work by redirecting internet traffic through different servers around the globe to bypass local restrictions.

It also provides TV shows and documentaries. With its vast library and user-friendly interface, this site has quickly become popular among South Indian movie fans and recently released films before they hit cinemas. Furthermore, its presence has spread internationally – gaining fans both within India itself as well as internationally.


Isaimini is a top website for downloading Tamil movies, offering an expansive library with everything from classics to new releases and thriller/action flicks. For movie enthusiasts who seek something exciting or thrilling, this resource can prove invaluable.

Isaimini is one of the leading pirate websites offering free Tamil movie downloads. While banned in several regions due to copyright infringement, users still enjoy accessing new releases in multiple resolutions as well as dub versions in different languages. Furthermore, its simple navigation makes this site user-friendly without registration or signup required.


Movierulz is a pirate website offering a wide selection of Bollywood and Hollywood movies, both old and new, as well as dubbing versions of popular Indian flicks. Their library also covers many genres such as drama, horror and action films.

However, this site is illegal and could face copyright infringement lawsuits; to circumvent restrictions on it safely it would be prudent to use a VPN or proxy server.

Movierulz Telugu works by offering users links to pirated content hosted on third-party servers, so they can stream or download these movies and TV shows for free – a service accessible both desktop computers and mobile devices.


7starhd is an established website offering movie downloads in HD quality for easy browsing and free use. Their selection spans across various languages with convenient navigation for finding what you want quickly. Furthermore, this service is free to use!

But, as it lacks a license and encourages piracy, this site is illegal and banned in some countries. Therefore, when selecting content sources it should always be prioritized legally or ethically.

7starhd offers more than just movie downloads; in addition, there is also television series downloads, web series downloads, as well as chatbox and forum support.

Jio Cinema

Jio Cinema is a streaming video-on-demand service offering movies and TV shows from top studios like HBO and Peacock, making for top-quality international content. Rated among India’s best streaming services with various genres to choose from.

This app also has a great feature to let users download movies and TV shows for offline viewing, which is ideal for those without much data available. Users can customize video quality settings, view remaining disk space usage data, pause downloads as needed.

JioCinema has recently focused on forging partnerships with local studios such as SVF Entertainment to mainstream Bengali movies. Their aim is to offer original local content in order to compete against their rivals.

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