The Latest Colour Trends in Blinds and Window Coverings

Colours play an integral role in interior design. Everything revolves around it. Some prefer to style their homes with the colours they like. Others approach this a bit differently – by requesting colours that are in style that year.

Style is always in the details and the realm of interior design, details matter a lot. One of those details are window coverings and how they stylishly transform a room and give it that final touch. Let’s see some trending colors in this domain and how you can add these colours to your interior design project.

Some still like it sheer

Sheer curtains are still liked and preferred by many. This is because sheer curtains can come in different shades, from milky white to pinkish hues to grey, green, and almost every shade. They are a timeless and elegant choice. This type of window covering fits any interior design style easily as they are neutral and blend in easily.

Especially if you match the colour of the curtains with the wall colour, they will seamlessly blend together. Sheer curtains are great for sunny areas, where you’ll want to protect your home from direct sunlight while letting the natural light in.

Pantone is always the colour of the year

If you want to follow the latest colour trends, you need to consult the Pantone colour guide. Pantone colour of 2023 is a shade that belongs to the red colour family. It is called magenta you could describe it as deep pink, with a dash of red smudged in, so it is somewhere between burgundy red and pink.
With every year, there’s a new Pantone colour in trend. If Viva Magenta is too bold as a window treatment, you can have a feature wall in this colour or choose furniture in this shade. In this case, complementary

Nature is soothing and relaxing

Nature has always inspired interior design trends as it’s brimming with colour. Especially when yu have many wooden elements in your home and you love the feeling of wood under your fingers and around you. If you feel like hearing the call of nature in your interior design, you can choose window dressing in earthy tones, calming greens, and anything between these two. Of course, these shades should fit nicely with the rest of your colour palette.

Going bold with colour

We’ve already mentioned the colour of the year, magenta. That’s definitely a bold colour, but there are also so many others. Let’s say you want to create a focal point with your window blinds. Everything else is in neutrals, you’ve color-coordinated everything and created a perfect layout with your furniture. Now, all your room needs is style and bold colours. Vibrant colours are known to inject energy into any room, so choosing deep colours like red, blue, green, and deep grey can be a great way to make a statement.

Neutral is also a popular colour

If we’ve mentioned bold as a statement colour, it’s fair to mention neutrals as their counterpart. Some people like bold colours, some like neutrals and all is fair in interior design. Neutral colours are a bit toned down in comparison to vibrant colours. However, they are still full of colour, and their effect is soothing and calming. You can easily find the perfect shade of neutral curtains and give your home some timeless allure. Curtains in a neutral shade like a town-down beige, green, or even a toned-down magenta shade will easily fit into your colour palette.


Metallics are a popular interior design element, and they bring a dash of modernity and eclectic into interior design style. From curtain rods to curtain fabric adorned with metallic details or even metallic fabric, you can add a touch of electric glam to your home. For example, if you’re considering installing venetian blinds into your home, you can easily find just the right metallic shade.

You don’t have to choose just one colour

 If you can’t decide about just one colour or feel like going bold but bold with a twist, you need to look beyond just a colour. You need to consider patterns as well. Patterns have entered the interior design era boldly, as we’re seeing patterns everywhere. From accent walls adorned with geometric wallpaper to unique armchairs to classic-style rugs, patterns have always had a place in interior design. You can get patterned curtains and add an edge to your window decor.

Clean lines and simplicity

Everything with clean lines and simplicity can fall under the category of minimalism. When it comes to window treatments, many will choose less over more as they serve a purpose. To shield you from the sun, insulate your home from heat, cold or noise and to provide much-needed privacy. You can choose simple window blinds in neutral shades and even go for an automated option which supports the minimalist aesthetic.

Layer colors

Layering is also a trend in window treatments. You can choose two colours for your window treatment and layer them together. For example, you can choose roller blinds in a neutral colour and fabric to achieve the blackout effect and insulate your home further. Then, you can add flowy drapes, but choose a fabric that is soft to the touch, so it also adds a layer to your home. Next, choose a colour that emphasises your interior design style and beautifully frames your windows.

In conclusion

Window treatments are equally important elements of an  interior design, just like any other. They are not cheap, so buying something on a whim can be costly. Approach window treatments like a project independently and get informed about every decision you plan to make. It’s best to find a colour consultant or choose a window treatment supplier based on the colour consultancy option. This way, you’ll discuss what you want, the trends, what’s in stock, how much can be customised regarding the colour and material, etc. This way, you’ll make the right decisions and get the colours that suit every room perfectly.

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