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With a standing desk as your workmate, you can touch the proverbial stars



standing desk as your workmate

Here’s some food for thought

Standing desks transform working professionals into fit, healthy, happy, and productive individuals. Astonishingly, ergonomic furniture manufacturers are so inclined towards standing desks that they have anointed it as their flagship product. These standing desks not only score high on quality but are also backed by warranties and outstanding after-sales support. Indeed, a standing desk in elegance par excellence.

All over the world, office ergonomics lovers choose the corner desk as their favorite ergonomic furniture option. While in the heyday, standing desks were used by presidents, scientists, writers, and philosophers; today it’s adored by corporate heavyweights. There’s a growing feeling that without standing desks, working professionals cannot thrive. If you want to assess the authenticity of this claim, visit an ergonomic furniture company’s website. Although they’re enriched with a wide variety of ergonomic furniture, it’s the standing desk that sits right at the top. Arguably, no other ergonomic furniture variant is witnessing such a rapid evolution.

Now, the bamboo electric sit stand desk is also making its mark in offices and WFH arrangements. It’s distinguished by its lightweight and high weight-bearing capacity. The memory unit, which has become a defining feature of standing desks today, is also visible in the bamboo version. Astonishingly, ergonomic furniture manufacturers are so inclined towards standing desks that they have anointed it as their flagship product. These standing desks not only score high on quality but are also backed by warranties and outstanding after-sales support. Indeed, a standing desk in elegance par excellence.

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5 reasons to use a standing desk

Posture improvement

Standing desks are distinguished by height adjustment which plays a key role in posture improvement. Standing desks heal neck tension, and fix neck pains. These ergonomically designed desks, when used regularly, ease shoulder stiffness as well. Standing desks, have, therefore, become iconic of productivity because they infuse confidence and morale in the end-users. Well, isn’t it a boon that you can raise the work platform to the most suitable heights? And with the electric programming unit, height adjustment becomes even easier. You can preset the height adjustment, which the memory unit memorizes.

Eradication of backpains

Eradication of backpains is an unending challenge for working professionals who are forced to spend a sedentary working style. At times, the discomfort is so severe that the sufferers end up in critical care wards of hospitals. Undeniably, backpains can seriously hamper people for life. However, if people begin using standing desks, the robust lumbar (lower back) support will ensure that back pains become bygones.

Exemplary improvement in health, fitness, mood, and productivity

Standing desks help in the improvement of health, fitness, and productivity by keeping people active and moving at the workplace. Standing desks incorporate the age-old philosophy of stand-and-work, which plays a key role in shedding unwanted pounds. Once you start losing the excess fat, your arteries unclog thereby saving you from a sudden heart attack. Moreover, you are mitigated from diabetes and hypertension as well. A healthy body fosters a happy mind, and you notice a spurt in your mood, confidence, and productivity.

Enhancement of aesthetic appeal

The aesthetic appeal makes your workplace congenial to productivity. And that’s why standing desks are a preferred option for adding that touch of appeal to the workplace. Standing desks are perhaps the modern exponents of the age-old belief that you don’t need ostentation in order to feel good. On the contrary, standing desks are designed to change your outlook towards life; they inculcate a sense of minimalism in your mind. 

Immense savings and ROI

Standing desks help people and corporations save huge amounts of money on medical expenses and furniture replacement costs. They keep people fit and productive, thereby increasing profitability. Standing desks facilitate ROI and retained earnings.

What are the unique attributes of a bamboo electric standing desk?

A bamboo electric standing desk is based on the same philosophy as a regular standing desk, albeit with some distinguishing features. Let’s delve deeper into a bamboo electric standing desk.

Electric height adjustment

Fitted with an electrically functioning programming unit, a bamboo electric standing desk can be easily preset to the most appropriate working heights. It’s a perfect embodiment of push-button ergonomics and makes height adjustment an absolute cakewalk.


One of the major reasons for its immense popularity, a bamboo electric standing desk scores quite high on lightweight. And this is why a bamboo electric sit-stand desk is easy to move and carry especially when you are moving to new office premises. It saves a lot on transportation costs. Even office removalists find it quite easy to move standing desks and the bamboo variant hardly demands any extra effort.

Very durable

Bamboo is popular all over the world for its high durability. Therefore, a bamboo electric standing desk is highly durable and has a weight-bearing capacity of more than 120 kilograms. Well, this makes it highly compatible for people of different shapes and sizes. Meanwhile, it extends the ease of keeping extra stuff apart from your laptop on the desktop.

Secondly, a bamboo electric sit-stand desk doesn’t succumb to the vagaries of weather. It functions well in intense heat, humidity, and cold. So, once you invest in a bamboo electric standing desk, replacement costs can be avoided for a good amount of time; it’s backed by a 10-year warranty.

10/10 for eco-friendliness

What speaks volumes in a bamboo electric standing desk’s favor is its eco-friendly quotient. Bamboo is classified as one of the greenest materials; a quality that reflects in a bamboo electric standing desk quite tellingly. Moreover, by using bamboo, ergonomic furniture manufacturers open up huge avenues for bamboo cultivators all over the world. Indeed, this is an excellent exponent of compassion for society as a whole.  


Standing desks can unleash the champion out of you. Their relevance on the professional front can never be undermined. Rather, it’s always on the rise.

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Home Improvement Trends

Home Office Setup: Top 10 Important Things to Keep in Mind



cleaning services in delhi

How to Home Office Setup

Home Office Setup, You probably know that the vast majority of the changes the globe has had to make due to the virus are here to stay, and one of them is the trend of working from home. Many major corporations, including Twitter, Google and Facebook, have already committed to implementing the WFH model by the end of 2021.

In addition to numerous expert predictions that this is how the future of work will look—something that does not appear to be as far right now. But you might question what’s driving the widespread acceptance of the Work from Home concept. The most crucial factor is the massive increase in productivity, as world-famous CEOs have acknowledged.

Employees have been substantially more productive since the epidemic forced the globe into exile, thanks to the comfort of working from home, the flexibility of working in pyjamas and attending meetings outside of rush hour, and the corporate world has caught on to the trick. Here are some tips to enhance your ‘work from home’ experience:

Adequate lighting

Isn’t a bright, well-lit workstation one of the most incredible ways to start a productive day? Our mood heavily influences our productivity, and excellent lighting may have a significant impact on our mood. When setting up your home office, choosing a location that gets enough natural light is essential.

Natural light will not only provide you with some much-needed vitamin D, but it will also help you stay focused and improve your attention levels. Having a naturally light home office reduces eye strain, which is an unavoidable side effect of working on computers for long periods, as most of us do.

Comfortable seating

Know the phantom discomfort running down your spine that appears to be triggered whenever you think about work? That, too, can be attributed to poorly constructed seats. Not only is comfortable seating essential for a home office setup and cleaning services in Delhi, but you should also spend some time deciding on the type of chair you want for your workspace.

Proper desk and computer

Choose a desk with adjustable height, enough drawers and other organisational features, and, of course, a robust laptop/desktop that can handle your workload based on the needs of your job.

Storage space

Hanging storage is popular right now, and if you have an empty wall in your workplace, the options are infinite and only a Pinterest search away! Investing in some sleek, practical racks will not only assist your de-clutter your workplace space, but it will also help your de-clutter your mind.

Office planner

This isn’t to suggest that your phone’s planner/calendar software isn’t helpful; nevertheless, having an actual copy of it or the ability to cross off boxes on a piece of paper may help us build our routine more effectively, especially when we’re juggling ten things at once.

Office printer/scanner/fax machine

While this may appear to be an unnecessary expense at first, owning a portable printer/scanner/fax machine will save you money and time in the long run. Most reputable businesses have begun creating inexpensive solutions designed particularly for lesser workloads/home workstations. Hence, all you have to do is conduct a fast Google search based on your budget.

Choose the right technology.

Whether it’s an advanced Wifi router, a Network-Attached Storage Device, hard drive backups for your computer, surge protectors to protect your electricals, cable organisers, or even the type of headset you’re using, choose the correct pieces of equipment. You may go a long way if you make suitable investments in the appropriate items.

Office supplies

The good news is that you’ll be able to stock up on all of your office supplies all year long, thanks to Amazon and Flipkart’s offers. You may even go all out and finally purchase those colourful writing pads and pens that always make writing a bit more fun!

Decorate and keep the place clean

After taking care of your job requirements, consider how you might customise your home office setup. Why should your workplace be any different?

You may be working from home, but it’s still your house. Framed pictures, a sophisticated wall clock, basic knickknacks, or a few tiny plants are just a few of the decorations. You may add to your office. Maintaining the cleanliness of the area is also critical. As a result, hiring commercial cleaning services may be pretty beneficial.

Separate personal from professional

Multiple studies have identified the danger of decreased productivity caused by an unbalanced work-life balance.

A risk you would automatically accept if you failed to track your work hours.

Working remotely is increasingly becoming the “new reality,” and for a good cause. While there will always be professions that require face-to-face connection.

Employment criteria will probably adapt to the new reality and change accordingly in the post-pandemic future.

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Home Improvement Trends

5 Decorative lights to light up your home



Decorative lights

Decorative lights can add warmth to any room, from the bathroom to the kitchen and everything in between. And because they’re so diverse, you should buy decorative lights for your home, and you can easily find one that fits your style.

LED Fairy Lights

LED fairy lights are a great way to add a touch of brightness and colour to your home. They’re easy to install, and you can use them anywhere: on a tree, hanging from the ceiling or wrapping around an archway. If you don’t want to be limited by traditional lighting options—like those found in most grocery stores—LED fairy lights are the perfect solution for you!

With seven different colours available (blue, green, red, white and yellow), there’s no limit to how they’ll fit into your decorating scheme. In addition to being versatile with their colour options, they’re also energy-efficient and durable enough for outdoor use, so don’t worry about having them out in bad weather conditions.

Rope lights

Rope lights are a great way to create a warm, cosy feel. These flexible and bendable strands of light can be used indoors or outdoors and come in a variety of colours and lengths. They’re easy to install, too—simply wrap them around your chosen surface (such as bannisters or deck railings) before plugging them into an outlet.

You can even use rope lights as holiday décor by wrapping them around stair rails or as outdoor rope lighting for parties by hanging them from trees or patio furniture!

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a popular choice and for a good reason. They are easy to install and can be used in many different ways. A hanging pendant light can provide ambient lighting for your kitchen or dining room, making it a great way to set the mood for cooking or eating with friends. Another popular use of pendants is in bedrooms, where they offer soft illumination that’s perfect for reading or falling asleep at night.


Chandeliers are an excellent way to bring light into a room. They come in many different styles and can be used in any room of the house. These fixtures are available at a wide range of price points, so you can choose the perfect chandelier for your home on any budget.

If you’re looking for a unique lighting fixture that will lend a touch of elegance to your dining room, chandeliers are an excellent choice. Chandeliers are also great because they often include matching wall sconces or pendants as well, meaning that you’ll only need one source of lighting instead of several smaller pieces scattered around the room.

While these fancy fixtures certainly aren’t cheap, they won’t break the bank either! There are many affordable options available online or at local stores like IKEA or Target, where most people shop nowadays anyway!

Table Lamps

Table lamps are the perfect lighting solution for a living room, bedroom, or office. They’re typically smaller than floor lamps and can still provide adequate illumination for the room.

Table lamps come in all shapes, sizes and colours—there’s something for everyone.

There you have it. Lamps and lights decorate every room in your house or apartment. You will never run out of options because there are so many different types of lamps/lights that one can buy decorative lights for your home. So get creative when choosing which lamp/light fits best with your interior design style, and don’t forget about the importance of lighting for mood setting.

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Lifestyle Trends

Why You Need Area Rugs for Your Home Decor




To buy or not to buy rugs?
Read about dallas roofing company

This question is asked by all the owners of the house. Rugs have long been appreciated all over the world, and often they were a symbol of decor and luxury.

Fashion is cyclical, and sometimes details that have become signs of bygone eras return to the interior. The same thing happened with carpets. They have a special decorative role in the house, but it is important to know how to choose a product and where to place it. Today, these products have returned to our everyday life, but in a completely different way. So why does a modern interior need a rug?

The rugs have several functions. They play the role of an unusual, sophisticated decoration. They change the interior, complete the stylistic picture. Carpets act as accents that invariably attract attention.

Living room

Rugs are a great element for modern interiors. You can create modern living room ideas with small rugs. It will give brightness or vice versa will give some dark shades for your living room or other rooms as well. More and more interior designers are choosing carpet as an important decorative element. And this is understandable because the choice of carpets on the modern market is simply colossal! A variety of colors, textures, and shapes make it possible to choose a product for absolutely any interior.

For example, today rugs with geometric shapes, as well as plain long-pile coverings, are very popular. A carpet can become both a complementary and discreet detail of a room, as well as a bright and worthy accent around which the entire composition of the interior will be built on.


Rugs have not lost their function of suppressing sounds, which is important for families with children, pets, or noisy neighbors. In addition, they turn a cold floor into a soft and warm one. For instance, after waking up, it is much more pleasant to get out of bed on a carpet than touch on a hard laminate. And woolen carpets can also act as regulators of humidity in the room, absorbing its excess and giving it back in dry air.

Rugs are a necessary element in the children’s room. A carpet in a children’s room is an indispensable element and not only a decor. It will create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the baby’s room. At certain stages of the child’s development, it will serve as a soft nest, a pleasant and gentle covering for bare feet, and then a safe and fun area for active games.

The carpet in the nursery must be selected more carefully than in ordinary rooms. It is necessary to take into account the ease of care and operation, the composition of the pile, and individual preferences. Kids usually sit on the floor and start to play. That’s also the reason that you should buy a rug for your kid’s room. They will feel more comfortable sitting on a soft rug than on a hard floor. As we figured out, rugs are not only useful decors but also perfect modern details for your home. They will be cozy, warm, and luxurious at the same time.

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