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Travelling modes: Stages and Models of Stress



Stages and Models of Stress

Though stress is a very common part in everyone’s life and in any situation yet it is a topic of immense research by the psychologists. Its different consequences and the subjective reactions of people facing it, are still an area being dealt with in research paper writings. Read more about Stages and Models of Stress below.

In the 17th century, stress was used to refer to some mental strain or some hardships. Later in the 18th and 19th centuries, it was described as some physical strain on the person facing it.

Today, stress has seen in depth research and as a result several theories have been propounded. Stress  not only has mental consequences but also physical ones. But before we go into that zone, let us first understand what stress actually is. 

According to the psychologist, S. P. Robbins, Stress is a dynamic condition in which a person is faced with an opportunity, constraint or a demand  related to what the person desires and for which the result is perceived to  be both uncertain and important.​  Also the psychologists J. C. Quick and J. D. Quick were of the opinion that Stress or the response to it, is the unconscious preparation to fight or flee that a personexperiences when faced with any sudden demand. These were a few definitions provided by certain psychologists. Simply and precisely, stress results when what you crave for is not achieved which in turn pressurizes the human mind.

Stress basically has five stages:

  • Alarm- When you encounter a stressful situation.
  • Resistance- Process of fighting off with the stress.
  • Recovery- A stage when you are trying to recover from the stress
  • Adaptation: You now try to adapt to the environment you have just experienced.
  • Burn out- In this stage you are absolutely exhausted after fighting off the stress. 

The modes of stress are as follows:

  1. Transactional Model of Stress: This model provides the framework to evaluate the process of coping with stress and stressful events. This suggests that stress is a result of the evaluation of the situation (appraisal) we land ourselves in. This model was given by Lazarus and Folkman in 1987. Lazarus and Folkman suggested that when an event (a transaction) occurs between a person and the environment, stress results when there is an imbalance between the demand and the resources. When the demands exceed the resources, we tend to get stressed. As happens when you get a lot of homework to complete in very less time and are not able to get homework help from anywhere. In this model of stress the interpretation of the event is more important than the event itself. Therefore all in all, the model states that you receive a stimulus from the environment, perceive the stimulus as stress-giver, interpret or appraise it as irrelevant, positive or stress-giver, then move to the secondary appraisal process wherein you identify whether there are sufficient resources to manage the event or not, next you try to cope with the stress by either changing the situation itself (problem focused) or changing your reaction to the situation (emotion-focused) and in the end you understand the situation and take a learning with you. 
  2. Interactional Model of Stress: Here stress is seen as an interaction between the environment and the individual’s perception of it. The model suggests that appraisal, that is, your perception of the event, and your resources to deal with it, are essential in dealing with the resultant stress. Here you perceive the stimulus in your own way- if you consider it harmful, you evaluate your coping mechanisms and if you are unable to cope then there is stress and if you consider it as possessing no harm then no stress. Essay writing services can easily help in this topic.
  3. Person-fit Model of Stress: Here the environment offers a stimulus of stress and the person is stressed. In such a case there are subjective reactions of the person facing stress and he deals with it as fits him the best. People may face different behavioral responses such as anxiety, depression, etc.
  4. GAS: Dr. Hans Selye talked about the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) in his research paper writing. He was a Hungarian endocrinologist and defined GAS as the physiological response of certain people to sudden stressful situations. GAS provides an automatic defense system to cope with such stress. It functions in three stages:
  • Alarm Reaction– This is the immediate reaction to the stressful situation that is given by different people. Every person has a unique way of interpreting stress and responding to it. The stressor upsets homeostasis or the stable cellular balance. In this case one may face increased rate of heartbeat, increased blood pressure and rate of respiration, etc.
  • Resistance– here you fight against the stress by fighting with the reason causing it. The body has already activated certain physiological, biochemical and behavioral mechanisms. Thus a person’s resistance may go beyond the normal level while he is adjusting to the stressful situation.
  • Exhaustion– the body, in this stage is exhausted after fighting stress and certain hormones are released. When you encounter a stressful situation, cortisol rushes in your body and after the situation is successfully tackled, the hormone normalizes and the body gets exhausted. It may also face a situation of collapse before getting itself into the normal state.

Now that we have talked at length about stress and its coping mechanisms, it is important to understand that stress may be good for some and extremely bad for others. Eustress or positive stress may keep you motivated but distress or negative stress may result in extreme mental conditions.

Thus, remember not to take stress as far as it is in your control. In fact students these days stress for things as simple as getting homework help and thus affect their academic performance and their behavior as well. Hope you love reading about Stages and Models of Stress.

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man vaping blog lg

If you have smoked cigarettes, you probably already know how hazardous traditional cigarettes are. The World Health Organization estimates that smoking causes the deaths of 5 million people annually. Additionally, secondhand smoke contains many toxic compounds that are bad for the environment and the human body.

Vaping is preferable to smoking because it does not include toxic chemicals harmful to one’s health. Because they emit vapor, e-cigarettes are sometimes known as smokeless cigarettes. Because the taste is heated rather than burned in the chamber, vapors are created. Cigarettes also contain cancer-causing substances like tar. Since vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking, several nations are already embracing it. Aside from that, clinics and rehabilitation facilities are now using these gadgets. The market is thriving and expanding quickly now that individuals have used e-cigarettes, and regulatory organizations have begun to recognize that they are safer than smoking. There are many manufacturers on the market, and they are all competing to produce the most incredible products.


Nowadays, various sizes and variations of vaporizers are used in many nations according to consumer preference. Numerous companies produce goods, including JUUL, mods, e-flavors, accessories, and vape coils. The fact that it has a fair nicotine value is the critical factor in why it aids in quitting. The hardest part of quitting smoking has to be getting over one’s need for nicotine. To quit, a person utilizes nicotine gum, patches, and other alternate nicotine delivery systems. Similarly, vaping and e-cigarettes provide those trying to stop smoking a far better alternative because they simulate cigarettes and have a manageable nicotine level.

There are numerous flavors available with different nicotine levels, such as 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. A person trying to stop smoking can start with a high dose of nicotine and then gradually reduce it until it is zero. This approach is not only enjoyable, but it also works.


Smoking has negative impacts beyond people and their surroundings; it even pollutes marine life. But how is that even conceivable? Well, the chemical makeup of the litter and the packaging of the litter both contain dangerous materials that endanger the existence of several fish species, including plankton and coral reefs. In addition to harming your respiratory system, smoking contaminates the air we breathe. As a result, other people’s lives are endangered.

JUUL is the ideal device for you if you care a lot about the environment. Juuls don’t leave behind any litter, so you can continue using them for a very long time. Some have disposable pods that can be used for 100–200 puffs. It is advised that you purchase refillable box mods. Not because they aren’t thrown away; like other devices, the coil and atomizer on these e-cigarettes might need to be disposed of, but because they are. However, it is more likely that someone would dump it in a trashcan or a junkyard than on the road.


But how? No poisonous or harmful gases are released into the air while you POD SALT DISPOSABLE. The environment is very vape-friendly. Since vaping has a pleasant aroma and doesn’t cause you to choke, you won’t hear many people complaining about it. The breath of disposable vape shop in dubai is superior to that of smokers.

Additionally, E cigarettes replace traditional cigarettes; our atmosphere is significantly safer. Unlike regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes leave no residue behind. You have a higher chance of recharging your device than having it discarded by the side of the road. They are preferable to 40 to 50 cigarette litters, even if you opt to dispose of them.

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Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?



vaping.width 800

There are three fundamental reasons why smokers wish to stop. The first is obvious and has been supported by science; it will significantly enhance their short- and long-term health. The next step is to safeguard people in their immediate vicinity, stopping the harm caused by passive smoking from making others sick, particularly children and pregnant women. Saving money is the third and last justification. Vaping is one of the most excellent strategies to stop smoking permanently and avoid relapsing.

The initial price figures could seem overwhelming when you think about the many components you need to purchase to go from smokes to e-cigarettes. Not just the actual gadget but also all the necessary batteries, e-liquids, and replaceable coils. But ultimately, vaping is still far less expensive than smoking—at least over the long haul.

However, despite its claimed advantages as a smoking substitute, vaping is still seen as being pricey. But what expenses do you expect to incur when purchasing an e-cigarette? When you first switch, will it cost more than a pack?

Cost of a vape kit

Vaping mod kit:

An advanced gadget with a wide range of technological features to customize the experience yourself, experimenting with different settings to get the most incredible vape. When tanks need to be replaced, they are sold separately and come with coils that are sometimes affixed but can also be easily installed.

If you’ve never vaped before, switching to e-cigarettes will need you to spend a little extra money upfront on your equipment. Therefore, when you add up all the costs associated with one e-cigarette, vaping is not more cost-effective than one pack of cigarettes in the long run.

Although the initial cost of an e-cigarette is slightly higher than that of a pack of smokes, several affordable and beginner-friendly vapes are available, so over time, you’ll start to see the savings mount! To fully understand the effects of switching to vaping, you should constantly consider the benefits to your health and the long-term costs.

For under £20, beginners can quickly get a high-quality vape pen or e-cigarette beginning kit. With a few starter cartridges or e-liquids to get you going, these devices should last a few weeks, depending on how much you vape. If you want to make a smaller initial investment, you can get a reliable, less expensive vape mod device from a vape shop in abu dhabi.

What About E-Cigarette Refill Prices?

Additionally, you might need to buy some vape-related accessories and parts semi-regularly. You’ll need to change your coils frequently if you use complex e-cigarettes or vape mods. Depending on how frequently you vape and the type of device you use, the coil—the component of your vape that heats up to create vapor from your e-liquid—should be changed on average every two weeks.

Depending on your chosen brand, a pack of 5 vape coils costs about 40 dhrams. For instance, Myle Vape offers a variety of flavors and is made of premium metal material to produce copious clouds. The life of a vape coil depends on how well you take care of them while using them. To keep them in good working condition, prime them properly before vaping, and replace them every week or two before they develop a burnt taste.

Your batteries could eventually need to be changed as well. It may be every three months for smaller, less expensive devices, but for a high-quality vape model, it may only be every 18 months. Batteries can range in price from 30 to 40 Dharam; therefore, let’s round up to 50 Dharam every six months for fairness.

Cost Comparison between Vaping vs. Smoking

When compared to smoking, your expenditures with vaping drop with time! Like smoking, your e-cigarette spending will vary depending on the brands you favor and how frequently you use them. Some of the least expensive manufacturers sell e-liquids for less than 5 drams, but when it comes to cheap options, you do get what you pay for. It is far better to remain with vaping by paying a little more for high-quality vape juice than to return to the old smoking habit.

Look at our selection of fantastic pod salt disposable for smokers to learn more about how vaping can help you reduce your nicotine intake and permanently stop smoking. Get in touch with our customer service team to find out how we can support you as you begin your vaping adventure.

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Maeng Da Kratom: Why Is It Different From Other Kratom Types?



Maeng Da Kratom

Out of the many types of kratom, Maeng Da kratom is regarded as the best type. Its origin is in Thailand. It is regarded as one of the most powerful and highest qualities of kratom available.

It is believed that the original growers of kratom used the “Thai” kratom and altered its DNA to increase the total content of alkaline. This gave rise to the stronger and long-lasting Maeng Da variety.

If you are seeking some intense effects and want kratom for recovery categories, use this variety.

The name says it all

Maeng Da kratom is also called Pimp Grade kratom. Now, this name is looked down upon in Thailand due to the word “pimp” used in it. However, this name drew a lot of interest in the Western World. It became a driving force for marketing this variety in the West.

Maeng Da isn’t a different kratom

Some believe that Maeng Da was born due to genetic modification of Thai kratom’s DNA. Some others believe that Maeng Da is not some different variety of kratom tree. This isn’t some special leaf. It is the same kratom but is dried and processed differently, giving rise to potent Maeng Da.

What’s the truth?

Well, the truth is that Maeng Da kratom is one of the most sought-after kratom types in America and you must try it!

Search for “kratom shop near me” and find a licensed vendor. Almost all vendors dealing with this herb harbor Maeng Da products.

Maeng Da strains

Maeng Da kratom is available in three strains:

  • White
  • Red
  • Green

Each strain has its own characteristic and produces different effects.

White Maeng Da

Users who have tried different varieties of kratom report that white Maeng Da is more energizing than other white varieties. The increased potency of the leaves renders the strain highly potent.

Products like White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules are favorite among users, as they encourage an active and more productive lifestyle. Users feel motivated, more positive, and mentally sharper. They feel they are more ready to take up the challenges when they have white Maeng Da running in their system!

Red Maeng Da

Red Maeng Da contains fully matured alkaloids that are incredibly powerful in providing relief from pain and discomfort, stress, and tension in muscles. This strain helps a person sleep better.

Users also report that red Maeng Da energizes at a certain low dose. So, if you are tired after a long day at work, come home and brew some red Maeng Da tea. You will be energized and ready for the evening events.

Maeng Da variety of Kratom in New Jersey is available through GMP-certified vendors. You can also order the products online.

Green Maeng Da

Superb for beginners! The Green one shows subtle effects but is powerful enough for a newbie to feel energetic and enthusiastic. If you wish to go all humble and subtle, choose this one.

Want to refresh your mind and body? Grab this strain. Take some kratom powder. Toss and wash. Feel the effects wash over you.

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