Should You Grow Seeds Or Seedlings In Your Raised Garden Bed?

Well, raised home garden beds have become popular nowadays. These gardening methods provide us with an organic food supply. Raised gardens are also quite is to maintain. However, the confusion is whether you should grow seeds or seedlings in your galvanized raised garden beds? Well, both seeds and seedlings have their advantage or disadvantage. The choice also depends on the current situation. So, let us look at how exactly you are going to choose between seeds or seedlings when you are creating your raised garden bed.

There are a few questions that you require to answer while choosing between seeds are seedlings for your garden bed. First, you need to decide whether the vegetable you are planning to grow will germinate easily from seeds or grow better from seedlings. If you opt for the transplanting methods, does the vegetable transplant well? And is the growing season long enough for the seeds to germinate? The answers to these questions will help you choose between seeds or seedlings. Apart from that, there is some other information that you are required to have as well before use starts growing your plants:

Sowing time: You should have proper information about the sowing time of your plants. You should know what exactly should be the sowing time for their particular plant variety, and depending on that, you can choose between seeds and seedlings.

Time to maturity: The maturity time of your plant will also determine what kind of plants you wish to grow. If your plant matures quickly, then you can opt for seeds. However, if the maturity time is quite long, it is better to go for seedlings.

A few plants commonly grown from seeds: Vegetable plants with long root systems grow well from seeds. These plants are mostly quick-growing plants that grow better in outdoor conditions. These plants include beet, carrot, cucumber, radish, turnip, etc.

A few plants are commonly grown as seedlings: Almost all kinds of plants can grow from seeds. However, slow-growing plants grow better from seedlings. Some plants that grow well from seedlings are broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, celery, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, pepper, etc.

Benefits Of Planting Seeds In Your Raised Garden Bed:

Well, growing plants from seeds is much cheaper. The seeds can be collected easily at the end of the growing season. Too much care is not required. Also, you will be able to plant the seeds easily in your soil.

Benefits Of Planting Seedlings In Your Raised Garden Bed:

Planting seedlings make the process of growing plants a lot less time-consuming. You will be able to get a kick start into the season. It also minimizes wastage as you will grow only what you require.

Hopefully, we can guide you regarding whether you should use seeds or seedlings for your raised garden bed. You can connect with us for more waist high raised garden bed plans.

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