Restore the Beauty of Your San Diego Tile, Grout and Hardwood

The tile, grout, and hardwood surfaces throughout your San Diego home or business see heavy foot traffic day in and day out. Over time, this high volume of use inevitably leaves floors looking dirtier, duller and more worn. Professional cleaning and sealing services from the experts at LJ Carpet Care can make them look like new again!

With years of specialty floor cleaning experience across San Diego County, LJ Carpet Care has all the state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to make your tile, grout and hardwood floors shine once more. Our certified technicians utilize powerful truck-mounted systems and green-certified solutions to deep clean flooring and lift away abrasive soils that steam mops and regular mopping simply cannot touch. We also apply specialty sealants to help your newly restored floors better withstand future soiling.

Benefits of professional tile, grout and hardwood floor cleaning include:

Returns original vibrancy and color richness – Years of grime, oily residues, spills and foot traffic dull flooring surfaces significantly. Our deep cleaning techniques lift away the matted layers of contaminants to uncover the floors’ original vibrant colors and character. You’ll be amazed at the dramatic transformation we can bring to reveal the floors’ true beauty again.

Extends the lifespan of floors – The soils trapped deep in flooring are more than just an eyesore. They also degrade sealants, etch grout, and scratch natural stone and wood surfaces over time. By removing these abrasive particles regularly, professional cleaning helps local floors stay resilient and LAST far longer.

Enhances air quality – Tile, grout and even hardwood catch many allergens and irritants from the air that then accumulate in their crevices and fibers. Our high-powered hot water extraction methods remove these trapped particulates to help keep your indoor environments cleaner and healthier without the use of harsh chemicals.

Applies protective sealants – For porous grout, natural stone, and hardwood floors, we apply specialty sealants after cleaning to shield against future staining and damage from spills, water, sunlight and more. Routine sealing fills in pitting and crevices so floors wipe clean more easily as well. Sealing extends time between necessary deep cleanings as well.

We Handle All Types of San Diego Tile, Grout and Hardwood

From ceramic, porcelain and stone tile to the grout in between, LJ Carpet Care provides cleaning, sealing, repair, and restoration services tailored to these specialty flooring types. We also excel at refinishing, staining, sealing, and repairing old and new hardwood floors throughout the area. 

Some of our top services include:

Tile & Grout Cleaning – We deep clean using professional-strength solutions and powerful truck mounted systems to lift dirt from the full depth of the grooves.

Grout Color Sealing – We can seal grout back to like-new protection and also permanently re-color dingy, stained grout lines at the same time.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning – Our hardwood cleaning revitalizes finish shine PLUS sanitizes and lifts away soils from between boards.

Refinishing & Repairs – We refinish worn hardwood by sanding and applying new layers of protective sealant in custom stains if desired. We also do specialty repairs on wood and tile floors throughout the San Diego region.

Contact LJ Care at 858-349-4749 today to schedule world-class floor cleaning, sealing, repair and restoration services. We have appointments available 7 days a week to restore the true, like-new beauty of your tile, grout and hardwood floors without delay.

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