Ja Morant and His Father Tee Morant

Ja Morant has emerged as one of the NBA’s most electric players, but his success hasn’t come without its share of controversy. His father Tee has often been present and vocal during games to show support.

ESPN recently reported that Morant is partly to blame for his recent troubles; their report outlines a series of alarming incidents outside the basketball arena.

Temetrius Jamel Morant

Tee Morant, father to NBA superstar Ja Morant, was himself an accomplished college basketball player. Hailing from Memphis Tennessee and having attended Hillcrest High in Dalzell South Carolina for high school basketball before continuing his education at Claflin University in South Carolina.

Ja’s dad takes great pride in his family. He often attends his son’s games to show his support, while also taking great pleasure in her achievements.

He instructs his son in various positions of play and to pass the ball, taking care to take proper care in handling it without ever complaining. Finally, he always encourages him to keep working hard at whatever he’s undertaking.

Tee Morant age makes sure his son receives the best education available and frequently takes them to college games to watch their favorite players; often giving them opportunities to meet idols they admire. Furthermore, his grandmother is currently suffering from cancer and he has been an incredible pillar of support during one of Grizzlies victories games by toasting her at every opportunity – even hosting an in-game ceremony to toast her victory!


Tee Morant, an active father and sports enthusiast who first rose to fame after seeing his son Ja Morant become successful in the NBA, has played an invaluable role in Ja’s basketball career, encouraging him to work hard while remaining humble. Additionally, Tee often shares photos of Ja and his family online through social media.

The elder Morant was Ray Allen’s high school teammate and former college basketball player at Claflin University. After leaving professional overseas basketball to focus on raising his son, he went back into business as a professional basketball coach and entrepreneur; today his hard work has made him very wealthy indeed.

His presence is often felt at Ja’s games and is always supportive of his achievements. When faced with criticism aimed at Ja, such as Utah Jazz fans booing him and his teammates, he stands up for him by denouncing their behavior as being unfair to Ja.


Tee Morant’s son Ja is making waves in the NBA as a member of Memphis Grizzlies. Both father and son share an undying passion for basketball; Ja has taken his father’s legacy even further than before – although their off-court behavior has made headlines as well.

One incident involved Ja flashing a gun during Instagram Live, leading to his second NBA suspension in 2022. Another involved his entourage pointing a laser pointer at the Pacers’ team bus after a game in January; this happened shortly after Shannon Sharpe infuriated Ja and his teammates by disparaging them on social media.

Regardless, father and son have proven a positive influence on each other, sharing an undeniable bond and Ja’s appreciation of his support from him. Both are American Christians; details regarding siblings or any relatives remain private.


Tee Morant has benefitted greatly from his upbringing as one of the finest players in the NBA. After averaging 20 points and 10 assists a game for Murray State University, this young star was drafted second overall by Memphis Grizzlies and immediately made an impactful impression during his rookie year, winning NBA Rookie of the Year honors while signing an extended five-year deal this past summer.

Morant has found success on the court, but has struggled off of it in recent months. After flashing guns on Instagram Live and in a viral video that quickly went viral, he was fined $25 games during this upcoming season and given a 25 game suspension for this coming campaign.

His father is often present at his games and cheers him from courtside seats whenever he makes an impressive play. An entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $5 Million.

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