How to make your swimming pool safer?

Having a swimming pool built is an investment in your backyard and on your property that you will enjoy for years to come. Even though you have utilized the services of a swimming pool contractor, there are still a lot of things you would need to get installed, for example, pool hand rails, pool enclosures, fences, filter system, alarms, pool pump, vacuums and more. While some of these items are only to improve the aesthetics of your swimming pool, others are essential for the safety of the users. This article will primarily focus on the things you need to ensure the users’ safety and give tips on how to make your pool safer all the time, day and night. Continue reading!

One cannot underestimate the importance of pool safety. Pool accidents are prevalent, and being the pool owner, it is your responsibility to take whatever precautions you can to avoid such accidents. Moreover, pool safety becomes imperative if you have children or pets in your home. To help you make your pool safer, here are five things you can do. Read on!

Setting up pool hand rails

While installing handrails is ideal for safety, they are also aesthetically pleasing and add value to the pool. The primary purpose of pool handrails is to make getting in and out of the pool more accessible and safer. It supports the body while ascending or descending pool stairways and helps prevent dangerous falls. Climbing out of the side of a pool can cause injury and can even create a potentially life-threatening situation. Therefore, adding handrails and ladders is always recommended to increase safety and reduce the risk of injury.

This swimming pool safety equipment is essential for children and older adults for sturdiness and support. Like many other pool accessories, you get a variety of choices in handrails also to help you get in and out of the pool with ease and safely. When you step into the market, you will find three bend rail, two bend rail, grab rail, figure 4 grab rail, ring grab rail, and new figure 4 grab rail. You can choose one as per your needs and preferences.

Setting up a fence

With any pool, you must install a safety fence around its perimeter. According to the pool safety regulations, it is recommended that you should install a fence of at least 48-inches or 122cm in height that too with self-latching and self-closing child-resistant gates. This is important to ensure the dual benefits of kids’ safety and the reduction of unwanted debris in your pool. If you have pets at home, the fences can deter your pets from gaining access to the swimming pool area. Make sure the fence you choose is made from high-strength materials and has no foot or handholds to prevent children from climbing.

Installing pool enclosures

A pool enclosure is another essential pool accessory that you must have. Getting a pool enclosure is necessary not only for safety purposes but also for many great reasons like:

  • Protection from the elements like dirt/ debris, pests, harmful UV rays, etc.
  • It improves shade and provides utmost comfort and relaxation while you swim
  • Reduces the cleaning and maintenance costs
  • It enhances the value of the property.

There are numerous styles of pool enclosures available in the market with different rooftops, for example, A-frame enclosures, dome-shape, mansard, etc. That means, just like pool hand rails, you are going to get a wide variety of enclosures options to choose from.

So these are the three most essential pool accessories you should consider installing at your swimming pool before allowing anybody to use it. Lastly, don’t compromise on the quality of the pool accessories. Make sure you buy the top-notch quality and the most durable safety equipment for your pool.

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