How much does Satellite TV cost?

Satellite TV is one of the most popular entertainment options for businesses because you get instant access to hundreds of the most popular channels no matter where you are located. You also do not have to worry about bulky equipment getting in the way as you set up multiple television screens or slow internet speeds, ruining the atmosphere for your guests.

The exact price you can expect to get satellite television in your business will ultimately depend on your choice of packages. There are four distinct satellite packages available that have their own set of channels and price points. 

The starter package

The most basic package will cost roughly $65 before taxes are included. This will get you more than 150 of the most popular channels on the air right now. You will get all of the essential channels like ESPN, CNN, FS1, TNT and TBS. All of the local network affiliate stations will also be included in this basic package.

The can’t miss sports package

You will only have to spend five dollars more every month to get a slight upgrade to the basic package. This will push your service up to $70 each month before taxes are included. While this may seem like a small upgrade, it adds several important channels to your lineup. You will get ESPNU, MLB Network, NBA TV and the regional sports network in your area with this package. This makes it a must-have if you have a lot of sports fans visiting your business.

The must-see blockbusters package

The next satellite TV package will cost you approximately $90 before taxes. You will have access to more than 250 channels with this package. Upgrading to this package lets you get access to some niche channels that only appeal to a certain audience. These channels include FX Movies, Starz Encore, Lifetime Movie Network, National Geographic Wild and CBS Sports Network.

The premier package

The premier satellite television package will deliver more than 300 channels to your business for a price of roughly $140 a month before taxes. You will basically get access to every channel offered by the satellite company with this package. This includes all of the premium movie channels from HBO, Showtime, STARZ, and Cinemax. These channels used to offer premium sporting events in the past for no extra charge, but they now tend to only stick to movies.

According to DIRECTV, you will be able to get the 2022 NFL Sunday Ticket Max package included for absolutely no charge after you select one of the three upgraded plans. This deal is not offered on the basic plan. This will give your business access to every out-of-market NFL game this season. The incredibly popular NFL RedZone channel is also included in this deal. This is the only way to let your customers watch any NFL game they desire.

There is simply no better way to keep your customers entertained than by adding satellite TV to your business. This will cause them to stay longer and spend more money, which will easily offset the cost of your satellite TV package.

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