Loan Against Securities

How Loan Against Securities Becomes a Popular Option for Real-time Borrower in India, Check Out with Rurash Financials now.

If you have invested in securities and shares for the long run, it’s a good idea to take a loan against your equity investment. In today’s fast-world, where financial needs and requirements are ever-changing and can arise at a moment’s notice, having access to funds promptly has become more critical than ever.

Loan against securities allows investors to raise instant funds by leveraging their existing investments. During the loan tenure, the borrower continues to receive the credit of interest, dividends, bonuses, etc. on the pledged securities. This loan facility serves as a lucrative option for long-term investors. They can meet their short-term fund shortfalls without jeopardizing their long-term financial goals.

In such a scenario, loans against securities have become a popular and attractive option for real-time borrowers in India. Today, the process of availing these loans is streamlined, and with an increase in digital platforms and new lenders entering the market, this new-age alternative loan option has become more convenient and accessible than any available traditional loan.

Unlike traditional loans, loans against securities come with a hassle-free application process, lower interest rates, and flexible repayment options. Thus, offering a convenient way to access funds when you need them the most.

Also, the process of availing loans against securities is as easy as pie! So, imagine you are Ram, a hardworking solopreneur who runs a successful business that is growing rapidly. You have an urgent requirement for funds to scale up your operations and meet the increasing demand for your products.

You have tried approaching traditional lenders, but the lengthy and complicated application process has left you frustrated and stressed. You are running out of time, and you need a solution that is quick, efficient, and cost-effective. This is where loans against securities come in. Unlike unsecured loans that come with high-interest rates, loans against securities offer a lower interest rate, making them an ideal option for borrowers like Ram who need to borrow large sums of money. Plus, with the option of foreclosure, you have the freedom to pay off the loan amount before the end of the loan term and save on the interest amount.

The best part is that the documentation required to avail of these loans is easy and faster to gather. You provide proof of identity, proof of address, proof of income, and documents related to the pledged securities, ensuring that you can access funds when you need them without worrying about complex paperwork. Also, Rurash Financials can help you avail of such loans offering interest rates as low as 9% and with zero prepayment charges.}

Why do people prefer loans against securities?

Well, the cherry on the cake here is that with loans against securities, borrowers can utilize their investments without bearing any loss due to the sudden selling of their securities or investment units. Additionally, the option to continue earning on pledged securities throughout the loan term provides a financial safety net for long-term investors.

At Rurash Financials, the process is even more seamless and accessible. One can easily get quick and Secured Financing ranging from Rs 10 lacs to 100 Crores, low-interest rates, and a simple online application process for clients. Here, the loan officers work closely with borrowers to complete the application, process the loan, and disburse funds promptly.


A loan against mutual fund units and shares is economical and provides greater repayment flexibility compared to unsecured personal loans, gold loans and credit cards. 

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By Michael Caine

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