High Hemp wraps

High hemp wraps produce from industrial hemp that grows organically. We were excited to discover that our hemp wraps contain naturally occurring CBD, making them CBD positive. It’s important to note that our hemp wraps DO NOT contain any CBD. We tested the composition of our hemp wraps, something no one else has done before, and the results are below. A single High Hemp wrap’s worth of compounds is represented by these amounts.

You may also discover that our hemp is completely pesticide-free in the test results. Every step of the process is a carrying out solely with organic ingredients.

Types of high hemp wraps:

Cones of Paper

Natural Paper Cones Made From High Hemp.  There are six paper cones in each pack. In addition to our classic rolling paper booklets, we also offer simple all-natural paper cones that take the hassle out of rolling. While still giving a long-lasting, slow-burning effect, this product eliminates the need to roll your own. There are a variety of sizes available, including king-size, one and a quarter, and shorts, so that every smoker can enjoy the experience of smoking at their own pace.

If you’re traveling with others, a king-size bed is ideal. For a couple, one-and-a-quarter is ideal. Lastly, our new size Shorts are a perfect size for a quick puff on the go!

Note for customers: 

5 of your favorite High Hemp flavors will be available in paper cone form soon.

Sustainable European hemp plants to make the first-ever Natural Hemp Wrap by High Hemp Organic. This Dutch-made alternative to traditional wraps’ harsh poisonous chemicals is the best thing since sliced bread. Conventional hemp rolling papers offer a smooth taste, but traditional tobacco wraps provide an even, slow burn. With our patent-pending formula, we give our customers the best of both worlds. Certified organic, tobacco-free, and GMO-free, High Hemp Organic Wraps are some of the purest papers on the market today!

Hydro lemonade flavor:

You can choose from Hydro Lemonade and Maui Mango, as well as the new Bare Berry and the original flavorless high hemp wraps. Flavors include Honeypot Swirl, Blazin Cherry, Grape Ape, and Honeypot Swirl.

High Hemp Organic Wraps come in boxes of twenty-five resalable, odor-resistant foil pouches. Each pouch is from 10 percent organic hemp. Two High Hemp Organic Wraps and two Filter Tips are including in each pouch! 


The Food and Drug Administration has not reviewed these statements. They are not meant to be used in the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any illness. Persons under the age of 18 should not use or purchase this product. This product should only be used by the instructions providing on the packaging. If you’re pregnant or nursing, avoid using this product. This website is not a place where you can go to get advice on health-related issues. If you have a serious medical condition or are taking prescription medications, talk to your doctor before using this product. 

Dietary supplements:

If you have any concerns about using this or any other dietary supplement, consult your physician. The use of this site constitutes your agreement to all of the Terms & Conditions, including the Privacy Policy, that is a posting on this site. Hemp oil high in CBD derived from mature industrial hemp stalks is legal on the federal level. Due to shifting local and state laws, High Hemp disclaims all liability. Purchasing from High Hemp and its affiliates may put you in danger of being charged a hefty fine if you don’t follow local laws.

Carcinogens in wraps:

There are known carcinogens in this product, and using it puts you at risk of them. This doesn’t mean safer or safer than other tobacco products because it has no nicotine.”

Considering you were told these wraps were all-natural and organic, you may have perplexing by the following message that is recently posting on one of our wraps. Although we use no toxic additives or tobacco in our wrap, smoking increases your risk of cancer because it exposes you to carbon monoxide, which is known to have carcinogenic properties. We’ve just done away with the higher cancer risks associated with smoking tobacco-based wraps’ use of toxic chemicals found in the smoke.

These ingredients don’t make you feel anything. Legal herbal blends are for which we do not condone the use of illegal substances.

UFO FRAME for high hemp wraps:

As of April 20, 2021, several have reported seeing an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) hovering above a hemp farm in the area. The UFO then began emitting a bright light. Surveillance footage from High Hemp Headquarters of the Alien [alias: “H”] shows it sneaking around as if on a mission or maybe just having fun. These civilian sightings match up. Alleged contact with an alien “H” and the creation of a new alien-like High Hemp taste are strong indicators.

By Michael Caine

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