Fort Bend ISD Introduces CTE and PBIS

Fort Bend ISD recently welcomed several brand new schools that opened this fall, such as Almeta Crawford High School in Rosharon – named for a retiring teacher known for her kindness and positive influence – that celebrates positive change through compassion.

In 1977, portions of Stafford voted to leave FBISD Skyward and form the Stafford Municipal School District; this resulted in years of litigation between both school districts.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs

CTE provides students with challenging career pathways that utilize real world experiences and the acquisition of evolving skill sets, attitudes and beliefs. The district offers 14 CTE programs of study which fulfill high school graduation endorsement requirements and offer industry-recognized certifications or degrees upon completion.

James Reese Career and Technical Center in Sugar Land was bustling with students in chef’s jackets, medical scrubs and automotive work shirts on a recent morning at James Reese Career and Technical Center. A white minivan perched atop its lift waited patiently to be brought in for state inspection services or receive other forms of attention at its Enterprise Learning Lab space.

The Reese Center is open to all FBISD high schools and students can access it for part of their school day from their own campus. At this center, advanced courses at the highest level are offered and some programs qualify for college credit through Texas State Technical College (TSTC). Students may also participate in SkillsUSA, Health Occupations Students of America and Technology Student Association membership to prepare them for future careers.

Student Support Services

School counseling services go beyond academic support to also offer guidance for emotional and social wellbeing guidance. Counselors provide confidential helpline for students experiencing mental health issues and can direct them towards outside treatment options.

Career coaches and job readiness programs provide valuable assistance for guiding students toward careers that suit their aptitudes, personalities and abilities. They can administer personality and aptitude tests, teach resume writing techniques and assist with job searches.

Student services – also referred to as student affairs or success services – form the backbone of college life, encouraging inclusivity while often offering tutoring, mentoring and career planning assistance.

Homebound educational services are offered for both general education and special education students who cannot attend class due to chronic illnesses or medical conditions that prevent them from going. Once their doctor certifies them for continued participation, these students can complete their requirements when their educational requirements allow. This service is offered across the district – FBISD expanded their partnership with Communities In Schools of Houston by embedding student support specialists at five ninth grade centers within its borders in 2021.

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

PBIS is a proactive, multi-tiered approach to school discipline that uses decision-making frameworks for creating comprehensive systems of student behavioral support tailored specifically to individual programs and schools. The emphasis lies on teaching expected behaviors while decreasing exclusionary practices such as detentions, suspensions and expulsions.

As part of its purpose, inclusion programming seeks to enhance social, emotional, and academic outcomes for underrepresented student populations – particularly those from underrepresented minority groups. IDEA supports positive behavior promotion within all educational settings by including inclusion strategies as one component.

At a PBIS school, everyone learns about appropriate behavior and has a common language to discuss it throughout the day. As a result, positive behavior increases while teachers spend less time disciplining students – leading to reduced detentions, suspensions and better grades as well as decreased likelihood of bullying.

Online Learning

Online learning environments provide students from varying backgrounds with various perspectives a forum in which to collaborate on deeper understanding of academic content while creating opportunities for peer support and mentoring.

Students can also benefit from learning from each other through discussions conducted asynchronously. Discussion threads allow for communication across the week without meeting in real time; this enables students to complete course work at their own pace while working on group projects with classmates from diverse geographical regions.

Fort Bend ISD offers various online learning programs through Edgenuity, local vendors and O-LAB program. Students may apply to enroll with an external provider and be approved by their counselor; course grades from these providers will appear on their FBISD transcript.

Online learning may not be for everyone and requires strong time management abilities. Students should schedule time every day for studying – make it part of your routine – to keep progressing effectively.

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