Fort Bend ISD Inspires Students to Pursue Futures Beyond Their Imagined Limits

Fort Bend ISD gives students the tools they need to pursue lives beyond what they could imagine, with two new high schools opening as part of its 2018 bond program.

Krogers Backpack Boosters is helping FBISD Skyward students by providing school supplies. Voting yes on the 2023 bond would increase school tax rates by 2 cents per $100 valuation but would not affect homeowners with an over 65 exemption.

Career and Technical Education

As soon as the bell rang to begin classes at James Reese Career and Technical Center, high school students donned chef jackets, medical scrubs, and automotive work shirts flooded the hallways. Sugar Land senior Ryan Watassek was among them – about to start taking an advanced automotive course through Texas State Technical College’s partnership.

CTE programs allow learners to start exploring career pathways as early as their freshman year of high school and complete three years’ coursework within them, including industry certifications. Students also participate in career and college exploration, internships and work-based learning opportunities, student associations and clubs, postgraduation support services.

FBISD’s Career Technical Education courses utilize iLEAD’s project-based real world model. This innovative learning approach simulates workplace conditions while giving learners voice and choice; making learning fun and meaningful; and equipping them for future high wage careers with high skill requirements. Students choose an industry sector, pathway and course of study that resonates with them personally while earning dual credit through CTE programs.

Student Recruitment

Student recruitment is a set of strategic marketing tactics employed by educational institutions to attract and enroll new students. It entails identifying and targeting the ideal students for your institution while simultaneously understanding their needs and interests – information you can use to craft personalized messaging that differentiates yourself from competitors.

An effective student recruitment strategy involves providing free resources to potential students. This could include guides or documents that assist in making decisions, but it’s also crucial that these assets are easily found and kept current to maximize effectiveness. A central repository can make this possible.

Successful student recruitment strategies often include sharing success stories of existing students and graduates with prospects. You can do this via websites, social media posts and video content – even using student ambassador programs if applicable! Likewise, ensure all staff understand key recruitment messages so they can reinforce them when visiting prospective students or answering phone calls from them.

Extended Day Program

FBISD offers several after-school classes available for any OCE student enrolled in its Extended Day Program. These are open enrollment classes with open registration available.

EDP will host hands-on learning activities this spring break to explore ocean ecology through hands-on experiences that explore water conservation as well as the impact of both natural and manmade disasters on our world’s complex ecosystem.

Students can also participate in engaging field trips that complement their curriculum.

Child Nutrition will offer grab and go meals during our transition to virtual learning, making life easier for students and their families alike. Parents can sign up online using EZChildTrack using their student ID number and selecting an appropriate program option; this service is free to families.


The district offers several forms of transportation for its students and parents. The Transportation department strives to arrive on time at bus stops and asks that students are ready to load onto them when the buses arrive; students should aim to arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled arrival time for best results – regular buses do not wait for those arriving late, while Special Needs buses may delay up to two minutes at any bus stop before loading students.

Students at James Reese Career and Technical Center can explore career options at their leisure at this facility, where they have the chance to earn industry certifications or dual college credit in certain pathways. Students also have access to high-impact real-world learning experiences like internships and job shadowing.

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