Best Solar Companies in Anaheim

Altair Solar

Altair Solar is a neighborhood organization assisting clients who with needing to use environmentally friendly power frameworks for their properties in Anaheim. It conducts intensive site visits prior to utilizing satellite symbolism to foster sun oriented plans for houses, schools, places of worship, and other business offices. It likewise gives upkeep contracts total lifetime checking administrations to confirm that clients’ sunlight based chargers are working appropriately. Likewise, Altair Solar has a group of undertaking chiefs, installers, and specialists with over 30 years of joined insight.

Barnes Solar

Barnes Solar serves clients in Anaheim and the remainder of Southern California. The organization offers sunlight powered charger and battery stockpiling answers for private designs and business foundations to assist with further developing their energy productivity and lessen working costs. Its experts deal with the work in question, including the satisfaction of HOA necessities, grant taking care of, and electrical examination. Barnes Solar was laid out in 2009, and it has introduced north of 40,000 boards over different structures, for example, temples, neighborhood homes, and condos.

Better Earth

Better Earth is a sun based organization that takes care of clients in Anaheim. It introduces sunlight based chargers planned in view of the clients’ inclinations. The organization involves dark on-dark modules for its establishments to expand the home’s check advance. It gives to the Givepower Foundation, an association devoted to making sun oriented controlled water filtration gadgets in the creating scene. The firm is likewise a Pearl Certified sunlight based installer and works with clients arranged in regions like Arizona, Florida, and California.

EcoSolar USA

EcoSolar USA offers its types of assistance to clients in Anaheim. The organization introduces sun powered energy frameworks utilizing the E and X-series boards from SunPower. Before the establishment, it counsels clients to talk about their current and future energy utilization, monetary financial plan, and development prerequisites. Its staff individuals can likewise convey in Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, and Cambodian. The organization likewise has an easy to use portable application that permits clients to screen their framework creation and help them to remember their yearly support.

Forme Solar

Forme Solar is a private and business project worker that serves the Anaheim region. Its group of experts introduces sunlight based chargers, taking special care of clients looking for climate agreeable and energy-proficient power source choices. They can plan sun based power frameworks furnished with energy capacity batteries. Moreover, the experts fix and keep up with sunlight based power frameworks. They perform sun based interconnection breaker examinations and sun powered inverter examinations. Different administrations incorporate sun powered charger expulsion and substitution. Forme Solar is an accomplice of different brands, including Sunrun, LG, and Panasonic.

Great Neighbor Energy

Great Neighbor Energy assists homes in Anaheim with becoming self-controlled. It has over 37 years of involvement introducing sunlight based chargers and battery stockpiling frameworks. Every framework is specially crafted to meet the property’s energy prerequisites and introduced by the organization’s in-house group. The group likewise assists clients with deciding whether they fit the bill for supporting or government and nearby impetuses. Great Neighbor Energy is a SunPower approved vendor and guaranteed installer. SunPower nearby planet groups have a moderate plan, taking up less rooftop region and having less noticeable equipment.

Mohr Power Solar

Mohr Power Solar serves clients in the Anaheim metro and the encompassing regions. It takes care of both private and business clients assisting them with eliminating their electric bills using sun oriented energy. Its experts introduce sun powered chargers and direct fix and support administrations. The organization additionally offers sunlight based necessary items for the arrangement. Mohr Power Solar was established in 1982. Its organizer, Michael Mohr, partook in the photovoltaic innovative work during the 1970s.

Orange County Solar

Orange County Solar takes care of Anaheim-based property holders who look to drive their homes with sun oriented energy. Staff works with clients through instructive meetings assist them with picking a sun based plan that accommodates their drawn out needs and their homes’ structural design. Its arrangement of sun powered charger decisions incorporates frameworks and parts that are fabricated by different organizations, including LG, SolarEdge, Panasonic, and Enphase Energy. Every establishment is overseen by on location specialists who address further requests from clients and give refreshes in the interim.


SolarTime serves private and business clients all through Anaheim and the adjoining metros. The organization offers redid sun oriented power and battery reinforcement arrangements, dealing with different parts of the task from site assessment, plan and securing of grants to establishment, last investigation, and checking. SolarTime handles clients’ material requirements, from fixes and support to the establishment of another rooftop made of their favored material. The organization likewise takes on projects including sun powered stopping designs and parking spaces. It is an EASE program-supported installer.

SunGuide Solar Inc.

SunGuide Solar, Inc., takes care of private clients in Anaheim and its adjoining networks. This organization offers sunlight based establishment benefits and gives energy impression computations, OV plan age, and future energy need appraisal. Also, its group conducts rooftop studies, documents for licenses, and makes designing plans. Its organizers have north of 12 years of involvement with the sunlight based energy administrations industry. The Pomona-based organization was established in 2016. It is an individual from the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce.

SunSolar U.S.

SunSolar U.S. serves property holders and entrepreneurs all through Anaheim and the encompassing urban communities. It offers sun based power frameworks that lessen energy costs and increment property estimations. Its group follows a sun powered establishment process including energy use site investigation, designing, and framework charging. It likewise gives clients a choice to see execution reports of their sunlight based power frameworks through its checking applications. SunSolar U.S. stretches out its administrations to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside areas.

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