Best Mortgage Brokers in Bakersfield

Sped up Lending Group

Sped up Lending Group is a full-administration contract organization that serves private and business clients in Bakersfield and its encompassing regions. It covers a different scope of home loan items and administrations, including VA credits, standard mortgages, FHA, and USDA advances. The organization approaches various legitimate moneylenders on the lookout, permitting every client to choose the right supplier for their necessities. Steve Fenton, the association’s leader, has been in the home loan industry starting around 1991.

Agape Mortgage

Agape Mortgage is a home loan firm that serves clients in Bakersfield. The organization offers different credit choices for borrowers, including regular home loan advances, HomePath credits, FHA contract credits, VA home advances, cash-out renegotiating, and obligation union. Likewise, it additionally offers fixed-rate contract credits, flexible rate contract advances, and home buybacks. It is additionally acquainted with the contrast among dealers and advance officials, FICO financial assessment, and initial investments. Clients can benefit themselves of the administrations of branch supervisor Mike George and advance official Allyn Medeiros.

Ampak Real Estate and Loans

Ampak Real Estate and Loans is a Bakersfield-based organization that has been offering home loans and renegotiate arrangements beginning around 1995. It takes special care of various types of borrowers, incorporating those with low-pay or financial assessment issues. Clients can begin with the organization site’s home loan number cruncher, where they can check the regularly scheduled installments in light of the credit sum that they require and the duties in question. They can expect pre-capability letters from the organization in the span of two hours in the wake of giving pertinent data on its web-based stage.

Borda Mortgage Associates

Borda Mortgage Associates gives home buying and renegotiating administrations to clients in Bakersfield. It offers a FHA advance choice that benefits clients who intend to buy single and multifamily homes. It additionally assists low-pay families with purchasing private properties in provincial and rural regions by offering USDA credit programs. What’s more, it handles VA advances for veterans and enormous credits for people requiring higher credits. The group at Borda Mortgage Associates additionally helps with the pre-capabilities, property examination, resource assessment, and documentation process.

Clearness Home Loans

Clearness Home Loans is a Bakersfield-based contract merchant that helps first-time homebuyers, climb purchasers, and renegotiating mortgage holders with tweaked credit bundles appropriate for their necessities. The organization offers home buy credits, renegotiate advances, home value advances, and money out home credits. Enormous home advances, FHA and VA credits, forward home loans, and house buybacks are likewise accessible. The company’s branch chief for Bakersfield is Chasity Young, a realtor and home loan credit originator who has almost 10 years of involvement with taking care of specialty advances.

Foundation Mortgage – California Ave

Situated in Bakersfield, Cornerstone Mortgage brags over 25 years experience in the loaning and home loan industry. This privately possessed and privately worked organization has some expertise in FHA and VA advances, regular and gigantic credits, contract renegotiating of speculation properties and main living places, and buy credits. The organization is prepared to serve first-time homebuyers, next-home purchasers, country estate purchasers, venture and investment property purchasers, those hoping to renegotiate a current property, and those hoping to combine obligation.

Damaris Castillo

Damaris Castillo is a credit official at Summit Financial Services with five years of involvement with the field. FHA, ordinary, sub-prime, development, renegotiates, and VA credits are among the supporting choices she gives to her clients in Bakersfield and close by regions. The home loan proficient likewise helps clients who need financing for investment properties and borrowers who are intending to apply for kind sized and very gigantic credits. Culmination Financial group has an all out contract loaning experience of north of 200 years.

Dan Ardis

Dan Ardis is a home loan representative who has been serving Bakersfield beginning around 2003. He offers a fast and bother free home loan process for his clients. He closes ordinary, FHA, VA, and USDA advances with less prerequisites and preferred rates over the huge banks. As a representative, Ardis expects to give his clients the most cutthroat rates, expenses, credit choices, and projects. Working with San Joaquin Valley Mortgage, he likewise offers private cash credits for when banks can’t give them.

Trade Realty Bankers Home Loans

Trade Realty Bankers Home Loans is a Bakersfield-based contract organization laid out in 1984. It offers types of assistance to home purchasers and dealers locally and encompassing regions. The organization assists clients with staying away from dispossessions by renegotiating their credits that might drop down their regularly scheduled installments. Its home loan expedites additionally help people all through their pre-capability interaction and property posting. They expect clients to introduce definite current pay data and assessment forms throughout the previous two years. Trade Realty Bankers Home Loans additionally oversees business land properties.

Brilliant Empire Mortgage, Inc.

Brilliant Empire Mortgage, Inc. is one of the most regarded contract loan specialists. President Howard Kootstra has over 35 years of loaning experience and has taken in each part of the business yet working in different positions. Brilliant Empire Mortgage, Inc. represents considerable authority in home loaning and home loans, yet their need exists in their clients and laying out enduring connections. Howard Kootstra and his group of devoted experts represent considerable authority in customizable rate home loans, FHA and VA credits, fixed-rate contracts, traditional home loans, and gigantic advances. While offering standard and non-adjusting loaning choices, Golden Empire Mortgage, Inc. keeps on creating imaginative supporting choices with an end goal to assist a more extensive client with basing. Planned home purchasers have been given the choice to get pre-qualified and apply for advances straightforwardly through their site.

Greg Desme

Greg Desme is a home loan merchant giving answers for clients in Bakersfield and the close by networks. He runs C2 Financial Corporation, a full-administration organization that helps people buy and renegotiate their homes. He and his group offer different sorts of advance projects, especially customary, enormous, and FHA. He likewise gives a wide determination of renegotiating choices, for example, VA cash-out and smooth out plans. Greg and his group have been in activity for over 30 years.

Level One Financial

Level One Financial is a group of home loan representatives in Bakersfield with over 40 years of consolidated insight in the loaning business. Its prepared experts can direct clients through the fundamentals of home advance applications as well as purchasing dispossession properties. They offer an assortment of home loan choices including VA credits, FHA credits, and standard mortgages. Level One Financial’s home purchasing process incorporates arranging, getting endorsement, home shopping, and opening and shutting of escrow.

Neighborhood Lenders Group

Neighborhood Lenders Group is a home loan specialist that serves clients in Bakersfield. It represents considerable authority in offering contract credit choices for homebuyers and property holders, including contract renegotiating, FHA, VA, regular, and large advances. The organization is additionally dedicated to safeguarding the protection of clients by saving the secrecy of their own data. Its group of land agents, including Todd Windes, Dana Vague, Tracy Gregg, and Andrea Venegas, have gotten positive input from their clients for their impressive skill.

Neighborhood Lending

Nearby Lending offers an extensive variety of home loan credit items to clients in Bakersfield. The home loan merchant helps clients in looking over an extensive variety of fixed-rate, customizable ARM, graduated installment, and premium just home loan rate choices. Among its credit program choices are FHA, VA, USDA, and large advances. Moreover, it additionally has contract devices and assets to assist clients with assessing different supporting choices. Nearby Lending stretches out its administrations to clients in Clovis, Visalia, Merced, Sacramento, and Modesto regions.

Marcus C. Harris, Loan Originator

Marcus C. Harris is a credit originator at HomeTown Lenders who serves clients in Bakersfield. He represents considerable authority in offering contract credit choices for first-time homebuyers, mortgage holders, veterans, and people who are wanting to renegotiate or cash out on value. Marcus and his group have finished contract advance exchanges that have satisfied the homeownership objectives of clients in the metro. He has 15 years of involvement as a clinical specialist and has won a few honors, including the Service Excellence Award.

Fresh starts Financial and Real Estate

Fresh starts Financial and Real Estate looks for the most appropriate home loan credit for their clients from the Bakersfield region. With over 20 years of involvement with the land business, the organization endeavors to reduce its clients’ pressure by strolling them over through the cycle from pre-capability and escrow shutting before at long last buying their new home. The organization additionally assists clients with tracking down contract choices for renegotiate and buy that fit clients’ necessities. It offers FHA and traditional home loan advances.

Sovereign Financial Corp

Ruler Financial Corp. is a Bakersfield contract business laid out in 1994 that offers its administrations to individuals looking for help with their land and money needs. It gives a few credit choices, for example, little business credits, flexible rate contracts (ARMs), crossover ARMs, FHA credits, kind sized advances, and home buybacks. The organization’s proprietor, Barbara Prince, has been a functioning individual from the business for over 40 years. She likewise helps individuals wishing to dispose of awful obligation by offering advance combination administrations.

Rose Medlen

Rose Medlen of Choice Lending is a devoted graduated home buyback proficient serving clients in Bakersfield and the encompassing regions. She assists senior residents with getting some money out of their home value for different purposes, including remodels, clinical costs, and strengthening pay. Rose has been in the land and home loan loaning industry for over 30 years. She believes herself honestly and expects to work on complex clarifications to her clients. Rose instructs her clients about the most secure graduated house buyback items that anyone could hope to find for them.

Sasha Windes

Sasha Windes is the VP and senior home loan advance official at Local Lenders Group that has been serving clients in Bakersfield for a very long time. Sasha works in offering different home loan advance choices for clients that incorporate FHA credits, VA credits, standard mortgages, USDA advances, enormous advances, and house buybacks. She functioned as a showcasing delegate for Commonwealth Land Title in 1993. For quite a long time, she helped realtors and credit officials in shutting their exchanges.

The Estrada Team

The Estrada Team is a full-administration contract loaning firm serving clients all through Bakersfield. It offers a full scope of home buy, value, and renegotiate credits, including regular, FHA, VA, enormous, fixed-rate home loans, and house buybacks. The experts at this organization keep clients informed and refreshed about the situation with their credits and utilize their abilities and information to track down a program that meets their requirements. The Estrada Team is a beneficiary of the Home Possible RISE Award by Freddie Mac from 2020 to 2021.

Valley Mortgage Investments

Valley Mortgage Investments, Inc. is a full-administration private moneylender that works in Bakersfield and serves property holders all through the state. Laid out in 2009, it works with various confidential financial backers to subsidize and support contract advances and renegotiating plans. The organization can look at a client’s FICO rating and suggest reasonable credit choices for their home. This incorporates multi-family advances, rural credits, interest-just credits, and amortized credits. Moreover, its officials offer customized guidance for proprietors of business properties like eateries, distribution centers, office spaces, and service stations.

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