Battle Royale Games: Why PUBG Is the Best

PUBG, also known as Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, garnered second place for 2017’s game of the year. An island is the starting point of a battle royale game where 100 players drop onto it. The players can loot anything they want on the island, including weapons, armor, attachments, ammo, and healing items, as soon as they land. Players face off against each other in a massive battle royale as they scramble for equipment.

Other battle royale games lack the tension and realistic feel of PUBG. Battle royale games like PUBG have nine things to love about them. Rajkotupdates. News Games : Garena Free Fire & Pubg India.

The long game

Contrary to Fortnite, PUBG games do not come to an end within ten minutes. You can lose a game in thirty minutes or more with a lousy strategy or the wrong rooftop choice. A player’s ability to play longer games enables them to develop and apply the long-term plan. A significant appeal of PUBG is its ability to allow for strategizing.


PUBG players now have access to Jeeps! In addition to these vehicles, PUBG offers other attractive features for players, so even if that isn’t enough to convince you, it is the best battle royale game on the market. A wide variety of vehicles are available in PUBG, including:

  • A motorbike
  • Having a Jeep
  • A sand buggy
  • During a car ride
  • Its vehicles
  • A float

Vehicles in PUBG are great because they can be used to quickly navigate the island while allowing you to destroy them easily. Once I’m done with a car, I shoot it a few times to ensure it won’t be usable by the next person. An opponent can easily set a trap for you if a vehicle can be disabled after it has been used. To establish a catch on a car by blasting 2-3 tires while someone is distracted while driving, a player can quickly shoot some tires out of a vehicle.

The concept is realistic.

The realistic graphics, realistic physics, realistic maps, and realistic weapons create a sense of urgency that all contribute to the gameplay. A sense of urgency triggers physical responses to the game. A little sweating or an increase in heart rate may occur during play. Unlike Fortnite’s cartoonish, ridiculous style, PUBG has a more realistic quality.

There Is an Addiction to PUBG

Due to its high level of tension, PUBG is highly addictive. Several factors contribute to the thrill of this game, including the fact that only one team (or person) can win each match, the length of the partners, or the possibilities of a great shot or brilliant strategy. Due to its dynamic nature and stimulating nature, I enjoy playing this game.

Playing and winning can be done in a variety of ways

A single fighting style isn’t guaranteed success in PUBG due to the game’s varying tactics by map. There is no difference between weapons and other objects. Fortnite players don’t need much more than the best shotgun to succeed. The best weapons will inevitably change depending on the situation in PUBG. You can either loot and hide or camp out and snipe to win. As well as going more berserk, you can also go berserk.

Mobile and console versions are both excellent.

PUBG shouldn’t be played on mobile devices. This game should not perform better than some console games, especially on mobile devices. I occasionally wish I could play a severe FPS on my mobile phone when I have a spare thirty minutes. Playing the same game I’ve been grinding at home on my phone is a blessing. Unlike other mobile games, this one is not complicated. Compared to playing it on a console, it’s much simpler on a mobile device.

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